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Lonely in a World’s eye.


The loneliness in this big world will leave you a scar of loneliness It will give you anxiety of being alone..  You are now alone in this big world allowing loneliness & anxiety eating more to comfort the disorder. The loneliness in a big world with the annxiety & eating disordered now you fear going out ashamed of body & yourself….
You don’t go out & now you become obese an angry at yourself. . The fear and loneliness of an angry, fearful, obses person alone in this lonely big world…
You’ve become depression & now your the pain of yourself & hate yourself, obese, & now you’re always angry and you’re begging for the past to become better but the depression allows all the same as the past…
Allowing man it is he who puts faith into such… Supreme of all  mighty will allow himself such strenght In life giving him more than just a big world of friends and loving amongst all such the power of  love.. Faith in the Supreme all Mighty, gives a man  strenghth to love himself, with the most Supreme love of All..