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The Pledge of a National Rose.. Dedicated to those who have, dedication of service & those serving, heaviest of burdens are the nation’s calling for procurement of service to vital interests of a Nation..

☆★☆★☆★U S A ☆★☆★☆★

The greatest of burdens squarely on  the shoulders of brave Soldiers, daily they seek & secure the interests of the greatest Nation.       ☆★☆
Enduring the dilemma, of national interests and blatantly disregarding personal saftey, with monumental proportions of bravery & dedication to the proposition of freedom..
                 ★   OF.  ☆
          ☆★ AMERICA ☆★

Colors of Independace a Constitution of our forefathers forward-looking leadership true visionaries to idea’s of purity & dignity, a freedom; of human rights to express, & right to bear arms, all speeches of & any religious preference..

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

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Health of a Nation


Economy not in good health this nation is being ruined it’s forcing choice .. People patients nurses doctors an hospitals have no choice Forcing choice all the Medical & health related industries from the pharmaceutical, insurance, Industries It forcing choice companies In In Medical & health care companies from insurance, pharmaceutical medical and halthcare companies creating a domino effect by no choice..Forcing the plans, money, costs, drugs, doctors, paitents, equipment &people its chooose or forced choice or walk away.. Affordable Health Care Act. Has alredy started taking everything from money, jobs carers & equpipment forcing pay, salary anything medical or health care relatied.. It forces everything even birth control .Its forcing choice not giving choice, costing not reducing or creating. .Creates nothing forces choice on States,Industries companies, big an small yes the economy to..Forcing a choice affecting everything its making complexities intrinsic to the Federal Reserve directly affecting interest, rates, cost of living inflation, minimum wage, even forces an unhealty competition and directly affects economic conditions unhealthy to americas economy. This is directly seperates freedom, liberty,justice & independence of the people for the people by the people by revision and restrictions of the amendments to the Constitution the very principles of this country..Founded by the Forefathers of this nation.. The stars and stripes the blood spilled the states fighting the purity questioned the Freedoms our forefathers fought an died for.. The rights protested & disintegrated secret & denied. Civil and human rights not allalieated. . Justice blind for all. The land of the beautiful an the home of the brave. It is a cancer its morphying all ready removing the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools its allowing education two make such dependencies on the economy affecting everything.. We removed the pledge because of the word God the few have made the majorty in this nation unhappy It’s broke and has removed the very principles upon which this nation was founded in God We Trust.. These few the minority still utilize the money in which God is found in God We Trust thank God it is still on very bills.. Allowed to swear oath of office on a Quran holding office such as the term President.. The world is speaking directly to the actions specifically to the president & policy secretly making polices and treaties. World now lives in fear giving 7 billion to Iran one of the world’s top terrorist countries.. State supported terror allowing and facilitating terrorist to train and assemble aligning evil with a state which is on the United States terrorist list approved by Congress and signed by the President.. Secretly conducting diplomatic realtions giving 7 billion dollars of hard earned taxpaying Americans there money to a country that chanches death to America and Americans .. National debt all-time high approaching 21 trillion dollars and his actions are speaking loud and clear to Americans proposing such legislation to reduce the hard earned retirement of the military and reducing such medically necessary health care the VA.. This is not new he has feurloued thousands of federal government workers.. He has stopped cost of living rase even on social security disability.. The name Barack Hussein Obama.??
I can now say i hate a person OBAMA Scum bag.
I didnt think i could ever hate I will make every effort to have his soul cast into the entral lake of fire.Supreme Father if thou could make signigifant deals the Holy Father I asked at this time that you watch over America for that a man is not aware and I asked for the weight of the world to be placed on my shoulders thou has pride.

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Card’s changed


February 2014 original air on Google.
The start of new beginnings in the New World Order.. The fall and the rise equal from the rise and the fall.. Communism the worst but the best of the worst is going to the worst.. Economic isolations have equal affects reversing of the same complexities are just the beginning Russia China, Iran, an Pakistan..!! The infostructure of a government is now set Russia is enjoying the beginnings relationships with China & economics what a world they are economists of the world.. Pakistan and Iran have enjoyed isolation of economic embargoes, receiving economic stimulation Pakistan however the very source of United States of America.. We have embargoed Economics with Iran and given to Pakistan Iran has continued to live with the economics of Iranian and Pakistan has utilized the money for alignments now Russia is the biggest land mass on face of the earth understand.. Stuart Folley give us Alaska it was last at we paid .2 5 a quarter for an acre of icy tundra they laugh we smiled has more or oil send ever thought or conceived.. It helps but we gotta get the infrastructure we need to utilize other sources of land so I suppose Mexico ends Africa we’ve been there, we have been there we got troops,
let’s hope we don’t need either troops or the land.. China still holds our economy by the throat just imagine 6 months no more China made in what would give I can only conceptualize by way of looking in your house and my house made in China not for you United States of America.. Now independence by Russia..! Russian now has the economics upper hand inline with China needs the same ..We were the reciprocal now we are the obstacle well for China and Russia both enjoying economic growth …$$$.. Africa has more land the biggest face however we got to face such complications to get oil and generates infrastructure to create a encomy & trade….I mean from the back and forth to the United States.. Iran will be the epidemic stimulation by Obama but they are going to receive economics stimulus by China and Russia already. Iran has enjoyed living without the economics of the United States and many more countries so it’s nothing more to them it’s easy scary but true .. The petroleum dollar the talks have begun our dollar will be left.. Africa and Mexico from what I understand banks shifted from here to somewhere outside the economic growth of the United States but by the government shifting…. Obama can’t do anything he knows it his advisor or his cabinet understand the complexities minus the economic values.. War or embargoes are just out of the questions I hope.. The year 2020 Russia will be economic powerhouse call the Super Power of the world.. I don’t even like to think about it but its the truth the infrastructure since 95 giving them five years to become a government instead of a mob running the country tactics of the Mafia… The United States needs to take action not with war or any such a bar go but take action in itself remove the seven billion from Iran utilize the power of the amendments or amend defining… Giving us power across the globe might be too late don’t forget about the handout were broke that’s why China offered to buy the United States are you crazy China!!! Japan in the 90’s look where they at they suffered from deflation of the Yen.. They need to return to the manufacturing but we need to do it more Africa and Mexico what a plan to start something’s gotta be done at least a start… I don’t know and I’m not aware of the thoughts but I hope there are the thoughts of the cabinet and the President himself giving thought and definitions it needs to be done… United States of America we cannot be held hostage by our own economy of the world right… The independence will be the country who claims independent of the economics of the world however the world with the economics of the country.. I have a three tier system and we need to define critical infrastructure to harden economic times to strengthen America. 

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No  delusion it might be random but love is the someone not to random a delusion Is abnormal but the serenity to know the difference.
It’s an extension of today’s world not normal but I understand love is not random someone to love might be random..  ..
The extension is not neutral thank God, serenity gives us the difference affecting everything even your love..

The definition is not random serenity is knowing the difference random is not knowing the certainty, of love you should understand it’s not an allusion its not neutral it’s love..
             ☆★       :-☆:’   ★:’:’☆:’
That’s not random it’s mutual of two people in love that might be random but not me I speak up..
I have the serenity I’m in love with life not random not neutral not an extension not an allusion I love all.

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

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Great White Sharks


300 million years evolution of the Great White Shark. Peer in with me to the capabilities of the Great White Shark.. Explicit information shared understanding & a little bit of knowledge of the Great White Shark..

1800-2400 Yards Obersvation Area….
180º degrees of uncertainty a general direction.. Dection Abient noise, sealife, Eddie’s  wherls of water and other natural noises, reserved for loud & abnormal frequencies.. The Great White observers & will investigate the louder noises and higer/lower frequencies. 

1200-1800 yards. Surveillance Area. Discrete direction 90 degrees of certainty +/-5º. Chemical recptors, enable dectection, blood and other chemical exceriments, from various forms of Sealife. A General direction of sea life course directed or towards…
Frequency and noise isolation For tracking and discreet if  alive or dead, & inadament objects floating.
The Chemical to stimulate the senses of a Great White Shark and give explicit information of the scent.. If current; tide or Riptide prevails this will increase the senses of chemical receptors distance.

800-1200 yards Decisive Bearing &  Range Area +/-3ºbrng error+/-300yd
Identification of Mammal or non Mammals, Wales Dolphins, turtles Octopuses, fish: Prey or Peditor. Killer whales do feed on all sharks and White sharks Feed on sharks..
Composition or numbers of a school or pod and direction of movement speed and tracking for interception, & isolated distinct frequency..

800 -150yards Explicit Information Area: +/-2º error 10yds..
Explicit information of type of animal or fish explicit information of tactics and swimming depth, approach tactic to make a kill based on past.. chemical experiments avi pray for fear or wounded displaying the street frequencies if wounded or scared. This area explicit information an starts speed or needed depth and directions,  visiablity comes into play.
150yrds Kill area, this is the area to where all minor adjustments are made and the safety of eyes the protecting eyes Lid the last 1 to 5 yards.
Underwater fishing or spearfishing is very dangerous there is the information 4 protection to keep your stretched out of the water and if you can carry legally the smell of death 4 sharks they will not attack or they scatter..
Most shark attacks happen in dark murky waters in the evening and 36 inches or less water..
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

▶☆O ₩ N ~°S€£ F☆◀
☆ ♡¤`_`¤♥

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Happy infectious


Your happiness can be infectious happiness of own self, is most important infectious will be the mind and body n harmony enthusiasm is the mind and body in harmony with an attitude of acceptance.
The others regardless own self happiness will be an attitude of happiness this will be infectious enthusiasm will be infected by happiness own self..
Happy infectious with enthusiasm and attitude of affections.. Smile your attitude shows you’re happy infectious love…

Abstract thinking, acceptance, change, conceptual, Conformity, creative, Critical thinking, excellence, feelings, friends, grateful, inspire, kindness, life, lifetime, men, mind, Mindful, motivation, observe, own self, personality, Philosophical, poetic, poetry, poets, positive thinking, principles, Self empowerment, self esteem, self-confidence, society, Thoughtful, wisdom

Randomly fast


Random is not fast thinking. Its not random maybe you just think or maybe Its just you.  That’s randomly thinking about you .. Keep thinking randomly because I will tell you I am just random in life.. I won’t let you think for me and that’s not random. I know random and as fast as you think that’s not fair that’s not fast or random .. Randomly You will meet some like me …Don’t Know Who random is.. Keep thinking fast thank you randomly fastest thinking is my name what they call me Ran Dom..