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Health of a Nation


Economy not in good health this nation is being ruined it’s forcing choice .. People patients nurses doctors an hospitals have no choice Forcing choice all the Medical & health related industries from the pharmaceutical, insurance, Industries It forcing choice companies In In Medical & health care companies from insurance, pharmaceutical medical and halthcare companies creating a domino effect by no choice..Forcing the plans, money, costs, drugs, doctors, paitents, equipment &people its chooose or forced choice or walk away.. Affordable Health Care Act. Has alredy started taking everything from money, jobs carers & equpipment forcing pay, salary anything medical or health care relatied.. It forces everything even birth control .Its forcing choice not giving choice, costing not reducing or creating. .Creates nothing forces choice on States,Industries companies, big an small yes the economy to..Forcing a choice affecting everything its making complexities intrinsic to the Federal Reserve directly affecting interest, rates, cost of living inflation, minimum wage, even forces an unhealty competition and directly affects economic conditions unhealthy to americas economy. This is directly seperates freedom, liberty,justice & independence of the people for the people by the people by revision and restrictions of the amendments to the Constitution the very principles of this country..Founded by the Forefathers of this nation.. The stars and stripes the blood spilled the states fighting the purity questioned the Freedoms our forefathers fought an died for.. The rights protested & disintegrated secret & denied. Civil and human rights not allalieated. . Justice blind for all. The land of the beautiful an the home of the brave. It is a cancer its morphying all ready removing the Pledge of Allegiance in our schools its allowing education two make such dependencies on the economy affecting everything.. We removed the pledge because of the word God the few have made the majorty in this nation unhappy It’s broke and has removed the very principles upon which this nation was founded in God We Trust.. These few the minority still utilize the money in which God is found in God We Trust thank God it is still on very bills.. Allowed to swear oath of office on a Quran holding office such as the term President.. The world is speaking directly to the actions specifically to the president & policy secretly making polices and treaties. World now lives in fear giving 7 billion to Iran one of the world’s top terrorist countries.. State supported terror allowing and facilitating terrorist to train and assemble aligning evil with a state which is on the United States terrorist list approved by Congress and signed by the President.. Secretly conducting diplomatic realtions giving 7 billion dollars of hard earned taxpaying Americans there money to a country that chanches death to America and Americans .. National debt all-time high approaching 21 trillion dollars and his actions are speaking loud and clear to Americans proposing such legislation to reduce the hard earned retirement of the military and reducing such medically necessary health care the VA.. This is not new he has feurloued thousands of federal government workers.. He has stopped cost of living rase even on social security disability.. The name Barack Hussein Obama.??
I can now say i hate a person OBAMA Scum bag.
I didnt think i could ever hate I will make every effort to have his soul cast into the entral lake of fire.Supreme Father if thou could make signigifant deals the Holy Father I asked at this time that you watch over America for that a man is not aware and I asked for the weight of the world to be placed on my shoulders thou has pride.

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₩¡Ked Romancer*

BOS de BUSD de buop chitybop. Wickedly romancing the wickertree a Beauty for the Wicked Romancer woman with your beauty romantic wikiditry  Beauty to my bungalow persuasive  my wickedness of such poetic poetry romancing the beauty of you wickedly in my baffled bungalow the babies a beauty. Wickedness of ever a romantic with wizardrii my body your beauty romance its a wicked tree a witch which full dance the sheer wickedness of a cylindrical body ever to be persuasive of a baffling beauty in my bungalow where beauty ever the beautiful fondled by the poetry my baby poetic will be in my bungalow romantic with the wikid beautiful you baby ever to be mine a wickedness of Wicked Romancer; Romeo of wikidness  the romantic Rome.. Sheer wickedness a Wizard in


wickedness of my mighty poetry….

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It’s the Kiss


Everyday the list gets larger and larger.. Its a problem not the kiss the size of the list.. The problem is larger by the complexities of who’s going to kiss, from the government list’s now size is the problem both size of the government & the List.. The kiss is now the problem equal to the government equal size equal list no problem its who’s going to kiss, it’s the definition by default a list getting larger by the complexities of the size equal the government equal the disguise, equal leadership, but fuck it they’re all on the list, equal you if you don’t like it you’re part of the problem on the list KISS MY ASS all of you and the government that’s the list again KISS MY ASS no problem and when I’m dead you can bury me face down KISS MY ASS..

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Monkey business


3 practical handicap monkeys doing exactly what the monkey see monkey do..
Evil no monkey hears ,monkeying around.. Speaking monkey business, hearing exactly what was seen,, wrapped, around the monkey, who was blind but heard everything, sees nothing as the evil passed, hearing the speaking to the deaf, dumb, blind, idea that one monkey sees evil of the other Monkeys, will not hear seeing a blind evil monkey wild as a monkey around the three monkeys, suited monkeying around a Evil  theme ~song swinging  ~ singing ~`here we come~ walk down the street` ₩€ Are nothing to ears, of every blind, hand holding  hearing the disguise of Evil..
The Three Monkeys are 2  monkeys to dumb, blind, hearing a deaf evil monkey around , the preponderance of every `monkey in the wild~ singing while walking down the `street ~hey ~`hey were the monkeys,~   just `monkeying around,   trying the evils of every monkey around the evilest monkeys, monkeying around,,  just trying to be friendly,, an not put any `monkey Down..

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