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Healing spirit.


Heal the hurting lift the Fallen the same heart will be such of the deserving the spirit amongst all the humanity man his job is his works allowing such the supreme of all judging a such all man will not figure upon any judgements the Spirit is the knowledge such the supreme giving the heart of humanity man the spirit of such knowledge will follow him unto the glory of my kingdom..Amen

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

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Sermon of sweet life


Life is better when you can taste life with both lips because it’s sweet. Preach to a sermon & listen to your own life thats sweet.. Taste it with both of your lips how sweet life is.. You can always better yourself, you don’t have to preach, that’s a sermon only you can keep.. Own up to yourself & taste It, so sweet with both lips.. It’s your life and it tastes sweeter with ownself, preaching both sermons & tasting life.. Now that’s the sweetest tasting sermon, preaching sweet life . hallelujah!! Amen.!!

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