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Miguded Allah Extremists


To love a person without marrying is not migided, intentions are not equal to marrying.. Love is equal to all that’s fair to relations anyone who wants to love anybody who loves its extraordinary.. Believe nothing of Islam’s extramarital, useless in love..
Between love and sensual allowed is “nothing” between love .That is not any religion & should not allow Islam between love it’s a religion off track he is on the wrong, he is misguided, it’s love misguided but religon it’s his love that is misguided  by his religion..
The guide the love of his religion miguided, the mascot of his religion misguided and nothing of love ..

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Warrior of Life


I’m a warrior I”m ready to conquer a warrior strong but not empathetic I never give up I’m a conqueror.. Perfection to own self is the perfection of me.. Perfect is nothing that’s just how it’s to be.. Acceptance of a warrior the resilience ready to conquer the strength of own self Concord acceptance of own self now a Warrior survivor independent of Cancer. Strength as a strong man independence is the freedom of choice..

Warrior to Conqueror every day one day at a time don’t have sympathy I don’t want your empathy.. I’m a warrior strength is my gain my independence of cancer that’s my physical my conceptual is the strength of a system….
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▶☆O ₩ N ~°S€£ F☆◀
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