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Special Love


I saw this and I couldn’t help to think to save it for someone ♡special…You know life is {special} full of l♡ve it’s ok one sided. ₩hen you you’ve decided to find out ₩ho you are by the one you love and that €verybody must admire… £ove is full of £ife and that is not one sided its explicit to the one you love ¥♡u. Now y♡u keep it one sided. Beauty is Vast, far and wide when someone else is holding y♡ur ¤eye¤ of love but beware his eye may look but might not be in love ♡..Remember it takes♥ two ♥to make love… Making love takes less than 5 %percent of the《 body》 however when you’re really making love you don’t know where your body♡ begins and his body [ ends. ] To have anything →begins in the mind←ur→ love starts is ₩here it belongs♡ in the eye¤ of the ~beholder~ so they say. Must I remind you its your mind interprets ₩hat your eyes see sexy or £♡v € either ..₩ay its ♡all 《you》♡¿₩€££

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Red Rubies Romantic


Roses are red Rubys, are the brightest, and most colorful `symbols of Love.. Ruby Red `Romantic Romeo’s, Roaming Rome. Romancing ~Remaking Robustly Romantic making love & Rubies & Roses are `Red..  Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend, put the diamond on her finger..  ♡}¤_₩€♥ £♡¥€..
Be Romeo on the Reddest date in February romancing  the Robust beauty of your romance your Valentine’s love of your heart.. Romantic~ Rubies sparkling Ring of your romantic love, with Red Roses & pedals of her Rosey Red cheeks while making love in Rome acting romantic  Role playing Romeo.. Reliving the most Romantic moments Realistically possible..《♥₩€》. Robust & Romantic Its the day of Valentine’s…¤_¤¿♥{♡}♥{

Celebrating the Renewal of vows Remaking and Rekindle  love of a Remarkable l¤vable Romantic love in ♡life…`¤♡_♡

▶☆O ₩ N ~°S€£ F☆◀
☆ ♡¤`_`¤♥