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Hippie Love.


Hippies the psychological evolution of psychedelic & think illusion of mixing Nixon & presidential of a non clear psychedelic action in a foreign places. Losing the lives of many great Americans were the Soldiers they forged & erased a line of an American racial line’s of th American heart.. Love ,Peace & Chicken Grease, from the psychedelic colors called, Mary mostly green no illusion just smoke, who the mellow, drinking mellow yellow psychedelic conclusions where the colors they were the children of the Greatest of Generation watching Cagny & Lacey the detectives two women detecting the new evolution of working careers of a women..
Love the psychedelic delusions of colors, it’s an illusion of love, if you choose the color then you’re the ideal, going absence of color, interesting it’s the presence of all colors allusions from the psychedelic love of the colors in the 60s, found in the 70s..Watching reruns of shows dreaming of Genie.. The professor on the island hanging out with the Skipper on Gilligan’s show you know the one..
Love Its a psychedelic allusion from the day of the conception, LSD was practicing, by the CIA, Its later intercepted communications on  telephones. CIA investigating☆Stars the remote viewing,★ the program its CIA , →induced psychological evolution obscene but yet it was just the mind no illusion sit right back you can hear, Egder Kasey one of the best profits of all time, he called it a Transive state of being.