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Actions to apologize forgiveness


Meaningless words change nothing; and only spoken louder over, and over the loudest voice asking the same question nothing worth changing… Meaningless words are the words of unspoken actions  for apologies..
Meaning the action is useless much less meaningless,words spoken louder over louder apologies.. Now I will lead the way apologize look the person in the eyes recognize apologize statement I was wrong I apologize.. The forgiveness two parts first part actions before words. Correct the action which was done as a honest mistake the correction will be asking in the action of corrections corrected. I return to the person who you have done wrong.. I apologize I was wrong I corrected the action that I had taken in presumptive action..
I have corrected by the following actions and I now apologize and please forgive me for my actions now you have asked for forgiveness and have taking action to correct the action of Corrections.
You are now correct in your actions; forgiveness its a correction and the apology is asking for forgiveness in your words and actions. Having forgiveness with corrections of the action which caused a correction you are now a correct forgiving person by your words and your actions.
Near an dear to my Heart of gold.

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