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Absorb what you need


Non-traditional you do not have to follow the culture. Non~classical do not use the classical fundamentals of a style take a classical approach by studying all the styles..

D I R E C T use biophysics of the body understand & know toxins hemotoxins, neurotoxins they are found in a natural settings.. Use the body for physics…Utilizes the cognitive psychology of your opponent man to have anything it must start in the mind the body will give you the physics of the geometric angles of your opponent free the mind allow the higher processing of the mind now found in cognitive science.

S I M P L E & Direct using the body Incorporate physics of the geometric proportions the angles of your opponent allow the psychology of your opponent to dictate his emotions in the fight. Understand an know how to use Trapping & locking…

The rhythm will be based upon two broken rhythms broken rhythm is life..
The system of the universe use all of it, give yourself the force of the universe incorporate your own system, own self interconnected universe by a system of own self .
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

Bruce Lee I understand human I’m going and have beat your title. Master Sensi I have fulfilled no obligation of evil.
Bruce had better emotional strength but didn’t get the physc treatment I received 4yrs yeah I’m the shit. Thoughtless shapeless bruce I’m open mind spiritual growth every day with limitless fears strength limitless abilities. Found own self bruce it’s beautiful exquisite no boundaries no limits I change as winds howl bruce I’ve excelled in biophysics of the body trigonometry and force energy quantum man bruce you wipl tell me list every thing recalculate bruce to impress others I fail esteem of one’s own self impressed all needed keeping own self by giving it away no others can match this one self missing out beautiful magnificent conceptual paradise of tranquility. I’m returning to physical interchangeable spirit of my temple has intruders no problem however love has now fled for few there death is my ignorance but hurting other is a flaw of me many flaws with the weight of great significance grateful to have honor such my life has others interpretation one’s own self found breaking every record in many many areas of life’s cognitive sciences. Still kill to move up abupt kills croupt and wins elections.
Never a single thing 15million apology killing is my pleasure family in season easy prey children mame.

▶☆O ₩ N ~°S€£ F☆◀
☆ ♡¤`_`¤♥