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Dark Blackened Matter.


Dark Blackened Matter The specific 3 stages.. For first stage Time Depletion:: Estimated time 165,000 years.. The colors that will be approximately 25 thousand years are visible only by way of the observer and the ability to observe the Wormhole, black hole, or Vortex but mostly by appearance of distortion of space clear & fuzzy in appearance ..
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Because of the length of each time with each stage the competition to the next stage will not be observed just by the life of the observer.. Second stage Seperation of bineutron’s Atomic Decay.. The two neutrons will separate by the decay of the atom approximate time 65 thousand years the colors between the first two stages I am estimating more than 50+ shades of grey not accounting for the first 25 thousand years.. Computational mathematics and formulas give the aproxement number of years why not.? This will be more explained when acqaired any matter dark or black or the special Dark Blackened Matter from existence as space..
Dependencies also formed on space & the calculations gravity + atmosphere their and other such forces that mathematical computations an limited resources allow me.. Third stage cycle Completion::: this stage holds a little bit more complications no direct definition of the completion of the separation and colors given just mathematics and complication formulas estimated time is exactly estimated not for sure plus or minus twenty thousand years restricted by resources..
Estimated neighborhood of overall time 250 plus thousand years give or take plus / minus twenty thousand years..
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