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Photo of you taken by Me


The picture of you taken by me. The beauty in the image a snapshot what you see.. The occasion for the photographer,  photograph of love, snapshot find me. The conception through a lens, the photo of  preponderance is snapshot by a lens.

A picture of happiness, smile the speed of shutters.. Portrayal if how, it used to be a photograph, of a memory..
Memories snapshot by the shutter speed a blink of an eye, pictures for memories.

Prints of beauty the image of the Bride to be, pictured by the eye of the photographer, caught times by the senses of the Observer timed perfection photographed.

Picture of the memory question by the  what happened.. Photographic by a memory the picture of how it went down. Pictures photographed by the vacation time for everlasting this snap shot last year’s times of relaxation.

The length of the comet, catch the cosmos, shutter the speed lens to capture photographic displays the Big Bang series on the creation a photograph of the picture  big beginnings..

Photographed series the home run hit here the pictured Hall of Fame picture of yesteryears famous.. 
®O₩N~§ € £ F €º

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