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Time Changes Red Roses


Time changes all.. Time is the change of the seasons  are the months of a timed changes every day In a month, time is changeing over the years timely on changing every universe as we know the beginning of time..
Times forever confident to change when time changes timeless Change with more times colors of a rose Is the change throughout the pedals of time, changing colors, timeless chages beauties of Love..
Timeless Colors change timeless colored of Red Roses changes time in every Love..
The Rose changes colors of friendship yellow changeless color throughout time..
Confidence love Is timeless colors, of changes, Virgin of a white Rose Its timeless as love changes the heart..
   ★♡ ★♥ ♡☆ ♥ £♡¥€☆
Time changes colors white changes throughout a timeless passions of virgin  Heart now do yellow friends timeless change colors of the timeless friendly Rose..
Roses are the times red changes someone as a yellow friendly rose, Love timeless change the color to Red Rose, of red peadals in Love…
Dozens of changes timeless with the Red Rose..  Dozens timeless chage Yellow Rose of friendship Colors  changes the yellowing of a friendship by the whitest Beautie of  White pedals the Virgin heart timeless changeless in Love..
The Rose of colors time with changeless loving dozens of colors the Roses.. Reds are the Yellows times many changes to Colors of Lovely Red Roses of Love; with Red petals of your Love changeless, timeless, Love…
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▶☆O ₩ N ~°S€£ F☆◀
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