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Dysfunctional People.


Rocket science everybody wants to be a rocket Scientist mostly the dysfunctional people fronting playing games bringing nothing to the table faking its a game most dysfunctional fake people Play..

Quantum Atoms Wanna. BEs

Dysfunctionaly arguing to the point of hurting other people’s feelings the simplicity of fake people acting dramatically in everyday life.. Dysfunctional as these people  they are use to hurting people, arguing playing mind games, and bring nothing good, it’s the only dysfunctional people feeling good in a dysfunctional relationship..

Mathematical gods of ass holes.

Everybody see’s them as dysfunctional people and feel to argue or or bring something real of anything good is a science of dysfunctional rocket scientist..

Arguing the most simplest simplicity function of science around  relationships of dysfunctional science putting dysfunctional feelings dysfunctionally simple to the science of a dysfunctional fake People…

Dysfunctionally acting in a dysfunctional relationship functionally has no principles in any real science of a real relationship with real people and that’s something a real person puts on the table.

Appreciated with good value’s of a realistically person feeling really good putting something of actual good on the table of a relationship in real life completely found in the science of real relationship & good value any rocket scientist puts in a relationship found on the Table of any science in any relationship..Change there, names constantly and now the Albert Einstein page won’t even take comments because I put a stump between their general theory between there eyes …I WOULD LOVE TO SHOW THEM SOME REAL PHYSICS OF THE BODY GEOMETRY…

®O₩N~§ € £ F €º


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