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Select few select troubles


The Constitution the Amendments, Federal Reserve,, Presidential Fiscal Monetary Policy.. In rapid decay of poor health the president has used all of federal powers and is running the government and deceiving ,destroying why ?? The question is very complex but the policies and the terms that are being used from Obamacare to bail out it’s all being utilized with federal powers the President… Economy is the blood which is being destroyed and destroying everything… The bailout is destroyed and just continues but its so complex and it hides what’s not seen the money that was given to the Select these people have now receive such the money from the people but now is dominated the industry’s reducing the competition being receiving of the same in both the bad and the good but the good is all combined it’s the benefit not seen benefited compounding. The handout gave out millions example GM receive millions upon millions at that time the gas prices high and even the President speaking on reducing the gas mileage on cars.. GM received all the money where was Ford… GM was facing the biggest crunch now they’re but facing the biggest munch I wonder why well they reduced the competition from Ford with all the money then a capital e games by the reduction and competition an selection an hurting everything economical even more so-called Fiat was the game reducing the gas mileage reducing all but truthfully you see it reduced Ford in the competition the money in your pocket the jobs the economy.. GM was never but the money G M benefited from what was never been.. GM up in history but now its GM that has that money that is capitalized but Ford has stood the test of time.GM  reducing the only benefits both G M..Not economy but reducing the economy reducing choice how much more money do you get at a precise time for a bailout: right beneficial selected but beneficial compounded by the both.. You know where the cost if its in your choice but much more it has the fact like you would not believe before it trickles down to the small man who wants to start a business and goes from there from the job to the person and the pay nobody remembers the number of banks that failed.. 14 million homes foreclosed 14 million times forced by. watch you’ll see it again there’s a reciprocal.. We the people are pissed off …Were going to take it back!!!!update Fannie may 187 billion repaid with an extra 7 billion in the economy the reverb and the recycle reciprocal are still being filled an felt GDP to the little man. 


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